Hi there & welcome to FromFood2Fit!

Hi there & welcome to FromFood2Fit!

My name is Ha – a food soul, fitness addict and travel enthusiast, living in Amsterdam, the Netherlands


The last 3 years, I have been posting food and travel snapshots on Instagram as a way to safe-keep my favourite recipes and treasured memories. With time, this has become a daily ritual and the amount of food ideas and photos begin to exceed the capacity of my phone and my memory. That is why I created FromFood2Fit , a diary and a creative space for inspirations, as it name suggests, from food, lifestyle, to fitness next to my full-time corporate job. This is also where I hope to connect, share, and exchange with friends, family, and anyone with similar interests,  knowledge and personal experience with food, nutrition, travels, and well-being.



If you had asked me 7 years ago, when my cupboards were still filled with cup noodles and packaged food while my activity level stopped at climbing stairs, I would have never imagined that  one day food and fitness would become my biggest life passion, my daily sources of energy and the motivation to broaden my knowledge into this field. All recipes on the website are food that I make and eat everyday, thus suitable for daily cooking by everyone, especially those with busy schedules.


I am aware that we all have different choices of food and lifestyles based each one’s individuality, personal conditions and the environment we live in. Therefore, whenever appropriate, I will include a note on compatibility of each recipe with different diet philosophy and tolerance. As for me, I thrive on a balanced and wholesome diet next to an active lifestyle of daily fitness, biking, and as much travelling as I can physically and financially afford. I do not exclude any particular food from my diet, but always challenge myself to give each meal a healthier twist, be it wholesome, raw, low- and healthy-fat, sugar-free, vegan, gluten-free or dairy free. I’m sure, there will always be something for everyone in each of my post.


Every now and then, especially in the weekend or when hanging out with friends and family, I will happily enjoy, my favourite veg chips, popcorn, pizza’s, sweet treats, and whatever deliciousness coming my way. And whenever travelling to new places, I make it a mission to try every local food that I could find, next to exploring history, people, and culture. Very often, these taste tests turn out to be overly indulgent and I end up eating way more than I should. But I am happy about that knowing they give me the excitement, the pure joy, and unique experiences that I cannot find in any stores back at home.  And this is the philosophy I’d like to transpire on my blog – “Mostly healthy, occasionally guilty”Ultimately, these things that are part of the spiritual food that goes hand-in-hand with a nutritious, healthy, and happy lifestyle that we are aiming for.




I truly hope you’ll enjoy and get inspired by this collection of food ideas, nutrition facts, fitness motivations, travel experiences and, of course, foodie tips that I collect along my journeys.


And please share with me here in the comments, on my Instagram or Facebook page if you have tips, suggestions, or have tried and like my recipes or travel tips.


Greetings from Amsterdam,